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Why use Organic Soil Amendments and Fertilizer?

We know about the side effects of using chemical products on our lawns, gardens and landscape. Most synthetic based pesticides are man-made and overused today. TV commercials are popping up about law suits against companies who produce weed killers which caused cancer in humans. Just think about the cancer rates in our pets nowadays. Our focus is on natural sources to use on our lawns, gardens and landscapes. We believe in "Feeding the Soil" not just the plant. When we use this approach with organic amendments, they are beneficial to soil microbes and flora. To top it off, these products are safe for children, pets and the environment. Here at NEWGANICS, our mission is to bring back the "old age organics" our grandparents used a long time ago. We want to help people use a natural approach to growing plants.

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Granular Fertilizers

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Liquid Amendments

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Water Soluble

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Kelp Seaweed
Black Sea Kelp 1-1-10 nutrient rich seaweed extract label

Black Sea Kelp 1-1-10 | Organic Liquid Fertilizer

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Earthworm Castings
Liquid Vermaplex Earthworm Castings soil amendment

Liquid Earthworm Castings

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Fish swimming near seaweed
Liquid #3 2-3-1 fertilizer with Kelp and Fish label

Fertrell Liquid #3 2-3-1 Seaweed & Fish Fertilizer

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