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Throughout the last year, we have worked extensively on determining the best organic soil amendments and fertilizers for optimal plant health that would be safe for the environment, people and pets! Every amendment, whether it was granular, powder or liquid was researched, for every positive and negative impact they may have on soil and plant health. We used the amendments in real world field tests on multiple plants. In our eyes this is really the only way to understand how the different mixes work together in harmony. We tried many combinations of amendments, milling, drying and screening them until finally blending them together to come up with what we thought was the perfect blend for feeding your soil and plants, indoor potted or outside in your garden. 

Soil Meal has four super ingredients for revitalizing your soil!! We found the following to be the best combination of organic materials. The worm castings are super packed with macro & micro-nutrients and minerals. Worm castings have been referred by some to be the worlds best fertilizer!! The Kelp contains hormones and chelated minerals which are essential for the basic functions of plant growth. Shrimp Meal contains chitin and micro-nutrients which nourishes the soil and stimulates microbial growth. It is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium. Molasses adds carbohydrates and carbon to soil which feeds the microorganisms. It adds potassium, sulfur and other trace minerals to soil which are essential for healthy plants.  

Now it was time to get it tested at a Certified Lab for analysis. When the analysis came back, we knew we had something special. The lab reported our N-P-K to be 2.07-.68-.63 while maintaining properties as good or better then the best composts. It had slow release, fast release and compost tea qualities!! Soil Meal would be an excellent all around soil food for all plants and vegetables.

Sometimes people find it hard to believe that natural amendments can work as good or better than something processed in a factory. The fact is that people are programmed to believe this because the chemical companies have huge marketing and advertising budgets. The earth, without human intervention, knows how to take care of itself. What we wanted to do was to bring people a wonderful organic soil food that the earth already supplies!!

Now that we had the ingredients figured out we just needed to figure out the packaging and the feed rates for the plants. We needed to make feeding the soil a convenient process for the consumer. Through many trials it was determined that a 16 oz. round container with a shaker and sift cap would work great. We pack 10 oz. by weight into each container. Just sprinkle it on the soil, water it and let it go! Results may be seen in as little as 2 weeks!!

We would love to see photos and read stories regarding your Soil Meal experience. Please e-mail us and we’ll send you our upcoming special promotions and discounts.

Thanks for reading!!    

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