Organic | Granular Fertilizer | Soil Amendments

Synthetic fertilizers are generally formulated into granules. They can be coated with an agent such as molasses, sulfur, polymers or plastics. This will prolong the release of nutrients. These types of fertilizers are considered inorganic. Some so-called organic fertilizer contain synthetic portions to increase the nitrogen ratio. The higher the NPK ratio the less fertilizer is needed to reach the desired amount of nutrients needed for plant growth.

Organic fertilizer is derived from sources such as plants or animals. They can be formulated into granules, powders or solubles. Organic-based fertilizers not only supply nitrogen, they also increase soil carbon levels which enhances soil microbial activity and subsequent nutrient cycling. Healthy nutrient cycling brings on mineralization, the process by which organic nitrogen is transferred into the plant-available form.  Organic granular nitrogen sources have substantially lower leaching potential and little or no burn potential. Because they contain organic material, they improve the soil’s structure or its “work-ability. Soil that’s been fertilized with organic matter is easier to work and allows more oxygen to get to plant roots. The organic material also permits soil to hold water longer.  

The major benefit of organic fertilizers is that the nutrients are released slowly. They need to be broken down by soil microbes in order for their nutrients to be released and that takes time. In that they work slowly, nothing is wasted. They are consumed as they are released, unlike chemical fertilizers, which are released immediately into the soil.

Benefits of Granular Organic Fertilizer

  • Spreadablilty 
  • Uniform and suited for broad area coverage.
  • Incorporate into the soil at planting.
  • Topdressing soil amendments. 
  • Slow release characteristics.
  • Contains micro-nutrients which are lacking in synthetic fertilizers.
  • Conditions soils and makes them workable.
  • Feeds the soil microbes.

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