Seaweed Kelp fresh from the ocean
Granular Kelp meal 1-0-2 application rates and instructions.
Granular Kelp Meal 1-0-2 is derived from seaweed.

Granular Kelp Meal 1-0-2

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Kelp Meal is an all natural, 100% organic fertilizer made from dried ocean seaweed. Full of beneficial vitamins and mineral, this all purpose soil treatment works great on potassium loving plants.

  • Packed full of micro-nutrients
  • Stimulates beneficial microbial growth.
  • Improves the plants tolerance to environmental stress such as heat & drought.
  • Contains natural plant hormones for overall plant health.
  • Contains potassium which harden the plant to make it stronger.
  • Granular formulation that can be used as a topdress around plants.
  • Shipping included for 40 lb. size.
  • For larger quantities or Super Sack (2000 lb.) discount pricing, please call 302-983-0078 or email us:
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