Granular organic fertilizer
Nutri-Cast Organic Fertilizer  3-4-2 made from Poultry manure and earthworm castings label

Organic Fertilizer 3-4-2

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A blend of natural fertilizer and organic matter. An excellent source of slow-release nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium, as well as nutrient- and water-holding organic matter. Nutri-cast is an excellent general-purpose fertilizer which is gentle on plants and safe for people and pets.

  • Granular blend of organic matter and concentrated soil microbes.
  • It supplies nitrogen-fixing bacteria, which convert nitrogen from the atmosphere into ammonia/ammonium to act as natural nitrogen sources for plants.
  • It regulates the availability of essential plant nutrients.
  • Derived from poultry manure and earthworm castings.
  • Shipping included for 5 lb. size.
  • For larger quantities (40 lb.) or Super Sack (2000 lb.) discount pricing, please call 302-983-0078 or email us:
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