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Granular fine grade organic fertilizer 1.0-0.5-0.5 is a high quality organic compost.

Granular Fine grade organic 1.0-0.5-0.5 Fertilizer

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A high-quality plant compost, which is formulated for a uniform texture and a small particle size which is rich in organic matter. Ideal for mixing with native soil, adding to fertilizer blends, supporting turf installations, and mixing with sand in high-performance turf installations like golf greens.


  • Enhances availability of plant nutrients through increased holding capacity.
  • Increases water holding capacity of the soil.
  • Increases stress tolerance of the plant to harsh environmental conditions.
  • Deliverers robust and a diverse microbial population.
  • Aids in seed germination, establishment, root growth and development.
  • Super food for soil microbes.
  •  Vermacompost: Fine Grade is a refined compost product that has been screened with a 3/32” mesh screen  
  • Derived from composted yard trimmings, land clearing debris and recycled food.
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  • For larger quantities or Super Sack (2000 lb.) discount pricing, please call 
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