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Vitazyme is an all-natural liquid biostimulant, consisting of particular biological activators that are created through a proprietary fermentation process. These active agents include vitamins, enzymes, triacontanol and other powerful but gentle growth stimulators.

Vitazyme Benefits

  • Greater seed germination
  • Increased Crop yield
  • Better turf quality and density
  • Improved Flowering
  • Enhances stress tolerance (heat/cold, drought, pest and disease, pesticide, salinity etc...)
  • Foliar and root uptake is rapid
  • Increase leaf chlorophyll and photosynthesis
  • Builds healthy soil biology (Pre-Biotic)
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RATE: 13 ounces per Acre. 

128 ounces/13 ounces/Acre = 9.8 Acres/gallon. $100/gallon/9.8 = $10.20 cost per Acre!

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