Coral Reef in the ocean
Coral Calcium with 34% calcium soluble label

Coral Calcium w/34% calcium

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A water-dispersible calcium product. Coral Calcium is harvested exclusively from farmed corals, so there is no damage to natural reefs. Coral is an excellent source of calcium and trace elements. It’s ideal for supporting calcium-hungry plants, and the trace nutrients help to keep soils and plants healthy.

Benefits of Coral Calcium

  • Derived from farmed corals, preventing damage to valuable wild coral reefs.
  • A rich source of organic calcium in a water-dispersible form.
  • When properly mixed and agitated, will not clog or damage standard agricultural equipment.
  • Coral is an excellent source of calcium and trace elements.
  • Can be applied to flowers, fruit, vegetables, ornamentals, turf, tree and vine crops, field crops, row crops, trees, etc.
  • Derived from: Calcium Carbonate.
  • Shipping included for 1 lb., 2 lb. and 5 lb pail.
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What are the application rates for Calcium?

Soil tests should be used to determine the amount of calcium needed for the soil. The Ca/Mg ratio needs to be taken into account according to soil type.

When mixing with water, fill container halfway, then add product and the remaining water.

Gallon Mix: While agitating the solution add 2 teaspoons of Coral Calcium to 1 gallon of water.

Tank Mix: While agitating the solution, add 1 pound of Coral Calcium to 50 gallons of water per acre.

Cost per Acre @ 1 lb/Acre = $12.96/Acre at 5 lb. pail pricing.

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