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Soluble Humic Acid Powder label

Humic Acid Powder Soluble

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Humic acid is a carbon-rich extract produced from fossilized organic matter. The powdered form is highly concentrated, allowing large quantities to be transported easily. The powder is water-soluble, which allows a large quantity of concentrated humic acid to be produced as needed.

  • Helps plant roots receive water and nutrients.
  • Humic acid is negatively charge therefore positively charged nutrient molecules attach to it then the nutrients become readily available for plant roots.
  • Humic acids tie-up harmful toxins such as pesticides and metals in the soil preventing them from entering the plant.
  • Humic acids increase water retention in the soil.
  • Humic acids provides carbon which is a food for beneficial microbes.
  • Humic acids improve soil structure.
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